About Us

Alizeh is a journey of life, of meditation and the one hopeful thing about a rather ordinary girl. This is a platform to make art accessible, to bring out of the galleries into homes, to make it a part of your everyday life, to make the mundane a little brighter, to make it your muse.
The word Alizeh has its origins in the Persian language. It means wind.
Wind, it resonates best with the ideology that Alizeh by Chahat stands for.
We here want to disperse art to each and every person. To add a little colour to
every wall, to every surface where one can lay its eyes!
Too ambitious I know, but a girl can dream! Afterall, a little dream is what’s bringing these artworks to you.
Alizeh is for dreamers like me, like you. The ones looking at places to visit on
another tab at work. The ones trying to chase the setting sun while stuck in a traffic jam. Alizeh is a celebration of colours, of love, of the universe and mostly of life.
We at Alizeh aim to make art a part of your everyday life. To not make it a novelty but a luxury everybody can afford. To make art that’s more than just a pretty painting on your wall. To bring it to your work desk, your dining table, to your bedside, to wherever you go.
Hope Alizeh brings as much joy as it has given us while creating it. We are so happy to have you besides us on this journey of love!